Win $1,000+ by Entering Writing Contests — Deadline June 2022

Annie Wegner
3 min readMay 4, 2022

Get funding for your book writing projects.

Photo by IvanBE pratama on Unsplash

Most writers dream of writing a book.

These grant competitions are your chance to finance your writing ambitions. There is also one writing contest on the list with a generous cash prize.

The grant funding aims to help you achieve your goal of becoming a published writer. If you are already a published writer, become an author of another book.

This money can help you focus more of your time on writing.

Sapiens Plurum Short Fiction Contest: Inventing Beautiful Futures

Every year, Sapiens Plurum has a short fiction contest.

This year’s theme is Inventing Beautiful Futures.

The premise is even with harmful elements of nature and society. There is the innate potential to harness something beneficial or beautiful. Technology is a tool or catalyst for that transformation.

Tell the editors a tale of how you see this unfolding.

Your characters should develop and use technology to make the world better. Tell a good story with likable characters, setting, conflict, and resolution.