Why Are Female Animated Characters So Attractive, According to Science?

Your first crush could be a fictional character.

Annie Wegner
4 min readAug 5, 2022


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I have realized more and more animated characters look good.

It is more than smooth skin and symmetric. They have the bodies some go under the knife to get.

It’s common for interviewers to ask celebrities who were their first crush. Most say a person’s name; for example, Tom Holland likes Zendaya.

But some celebs have crushes on fictional actors. Even Elite Daily interviewed people about their animated crush. Most of the reasons were because of the character’s personality. The exception was Jessica Rabbit.

“She was the cartoon epitome of perfection.” — Jake, 27

That’s it! Perfection.

Plenty of television characters are perfect (and attractive). Here is why science says television shows make female cartoon figures so attractive.

Movie Culture

When Hollywood made ‘Incredibles 2’, it caused a stir.

Most adults noticed the figure of Elastigirl. She was so well-portioned. It led others to say, “While you want Elastigirl’s figure, I want to be a rich aunt like Edna Mode.”.

Science has discovered plenty about beauty. And Hollywood adds these experimental results into the build of animated characters.

If you watch Apple’s movie ‘Luck’, you notice all the women look alike. In the cinematic project, the height, figure, and face of the females resemble. And there are no abnormalities or imperfections in the characters or setting. You’d have to look closely frame-by-frame to see any such faults.

That’s because scientific evidence says people like these elements. So, movies, especially animated ones, use these rules a lot, given the control creators have over the work.



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