Toxic Positivity and Relationships

The glass is half empty and half full.

Annie Wegner
3 min readJul 5, 2022


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The dating culture is (often) negative.

The need to classify these behaviors adds to the permanency.

  • Will people ever treat each other with respect?
  • Will friends ever stop promising happy endings?
  • Will you ever approach dating without expectations or preconceived notions?

The repeated disappointments create voids.

It colors who you become over the years of dating online. Do you see the dating pool as deep, shallow, or a space to make the best of what is available?

Let’s dive in and address toxicity and dating.

Open eyes

Optimist or pessimist? Why aren’t most people realists?

You know the good and negatives of relationships. Put your best foot forward on every date. When your views become too bright or dark, take a break.

Delete the apps. You can save your password and re-download the software. Ask friends to respect your no matchmaker rule. Use your recovery time to form friendships. Singleness is only an issue if you view it that way.

Your life can revolve around more than babies, relationships, and family. What is weirder? When you are less fixated on what you don’t have, your life satisfaction increases even if nothing changes.

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High expectations

Expectations calm you.

It’s a benchmark to know if partners treat you well. It’s also a marker for comparison. Did you upgrade or downgrade after your ex?

But expectations are usually rigid. It’s the reason many people get played. Someone meets their high expectations, and everything appears to go well.

Shift your focus to consistency. It gives your partner more flexibility. So, you won’t have to be fake happy around each other.

Glamorizing struggle



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