The Countries with The Most Single Women

Dating will always be in your favor here.

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Where in the world do women outnumber men?

In these locations, most of the women are single. Why? Women account for over 50% of the total population.

Love, dating, and relationships depend on many factors. But a large ratio of women to men sure puts the odds in your favor.

World Atlas did a study to discover which countries have more single ladies. There are 195 countries in the world. Of the 195 countries, 106 have a population imbalance where women outnumber men.

Why do men often outnumber women?

  • Higher numbers of female births.
  • Men have lower life expectancy rates.

On average worldwide, more males are born than females. The ratio is 105 boys to 100 girls. But in places where more girls are born, male fetuses get miscarried or stillborn plenty.

The three primary reasons for this outcome are:

  • food and environmental chemicals
  • fewer resources
  • low or harsh living conditions

Top 10 countries with the most single women

(The List Source)

  • Nepal : 54.4
  • Latvia: 54.0
  • Lithuania: 53.7
  • Ukraine: 53.7
  • Russia: 53.7
  • Belarus: 53.5
  • El Salvador: 53.2
  • Armenia: 53.0
  • Estonia: 52.7
  • Portugal: 52.7
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The remaining 96 countries

(The List Source)

  • Hungary: 52.4
  • Georgia: 52.3
  • Zimbabwe: 52.3
  • Moldova: 52.1
  • Sri Lanka: 52.0
  • Croatia: 51.8
  • Myanmar: 51.8



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