Medium Tags and CTAs Explained!

Annie Wegner
4 min readMay 7, 2022

Two of the platform’s biggest mysteries unraveled.

Photo by Hugo Ruiz on Unsplash

Are you curious about how to optimize your articles?

You aren’t the only one. I have always wondered about the best approach to using the features of this platform. Like me, you have questions about tags and CTAs, but no one provided any suggestion until today.

When I first started writing…

  • I did not have a call-to-action.
  • The article ended with a conclusion. Nothing else.
  • I guessed and picked tags with no intention.
  • I would prefer larger tags. I thought this meant greater reach.

Those early days were frustrating.

So, I started reading the tips of other writers.

When I started reading for answers…

Not much stood out except for two recommendations:

  • Use “you” a lot — the focus is the reader.
  • Don’t title your conclusion — takeaway. People who have skimmed or have read the article might not bother reading the summary. The person suggested giving the last paragraph a creative headline. For example, for the skimmers or grab-and-go advice haul.

Many writers are also learning by application. They share what worked for them and their success stories. Most people, including me, will suggest using your partner program affiliate link as your CTA statement.

And in my early days, if you asked me how to use tags, I would suggest using all the huge ones.

But today, I propose alternative strategies (with authoritative evidence).

Platform Tags

Recently, I started mixing my tags. I use big and small ones to improve the reach of my articles. I wrote about it here:

But today, I got “confirmation” that this could be a step in a good direction.