Copy These Tips For A Sexy Jawline

Crazy simple strategies.

Annie Wegner


Photo by Annie Wegner | Made in Canva Pro

Strengthen your jawline with routines faster than some website load times.

Studies have shown several specific exercises are quick, easy, and provide fantastic results. Most people don’t lose weight on their face until they have had a significant decrease in their body mass.

These workouts will help you target this area within your 3–5-minute spare time. Let us review them.

#1. Engage the jawline core muscles

Recite your vowels with strong pronunciations 15 times in a row. Open your mouth wide and stress the sounds and facial movement.

Is there always someone around you? This practice can feel awkward. Make the facial expressions in a private space and don’t say the vowels aloud. Here’s how Face Yoga specialists say you can get the best result from this muscle flex.

“The simplest way to activate the muscles of your cheek, chin, and jawline is to sound out your vowels — specifically “O” and “E”.

These vowels engage the core muscles of your jawline, so focus on articulating each vowel while doing your best to keep your teeth hidden by your lips. You’ll feel this pose pull on your lips, which is creating the resistance you need to drive change.” — source

You truly have to get your face moving to get the desired result.

Here’s a quick video to see the tip in action.

#2. Strengthen your jaw tendons and neck

When in bed, you can do 10 neck curl repetitions per night.

These are super simplified pushups focusing on your neck muscles. Lay flat on your back and rest your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Slightly lean your chin forward until you feel it double up. The last act is to lift only your head off the ground or off your pillow. Keep your chin tucked in as you raise, then lower your…