7,000 Verified Buyer Reviews: The Sales Strategy to Ditch Discounts

The results are wild.

Annie Wegner


Photo by Trent Bradley on Unsplash

I see plenty of articles and creators speaking against discounts. These industry experts are not wrong. Price markdowns have the power to cheapen your brand.

Why buy the product now? Why not wait with the expectation there will be a sale soon? Your target audience is doing what you taught them — maximizing their savings.

This article will show you what to do instead of offering a discount.

Why are you skipping this step?

Learn from the best. Do a pre-launch.

I get it. Your insides are burning with excitement to unveil your creation. But when have you ever felt this way about a product or service that Apple doesn’t offer?

I look forward to a few memberships re-opening. The reason? The low price of the pre-launch.

Before the item is accessible to everyone, list a low early bird price. When doors open, clients get the regular price.

Afterward, prices go sky high from there.

How to get your more desired outcomes without discounts?

#1. Sales.

Do you love the brand, Nike? They have a sizzling marketing strategy going on in stores. Many people prefer to shop online because it is convenient.

The cost of gas or transportation is a deterrent. Plus, some people cannot help but try on outfits when in the store. Thus, a quick trip became an all-day affair. Hence, people want to shop at home.

But Nike wants people to head back into their physical location.

What pull do they use?

Exclusive t-shirt merch.

Here is the extra catch. You need to spend $250 to get the limited edition item for free.

The promotion is also on-brand because the offer is not loud. You notice the sign when you head up to the check-out counter.

#2. Buyer reviews

Canva and Gumroad do not get such a tremendous amount of backlinks and free promotion by…