20 Things to Do When You Want to Appear Confident

I’m shy. But I’m working on it.

Annie Wegner


Photo by Annie Wegner | Made in Canva

The natural behaviors of an extrovert take effort for introverts. It’s incredible how much space you can fill when confident. Your presence takes over a room even while at the doorway.

People can take your approach out of context. We’re all tired. Weary of what strangers have to say to us. But even if your offer doesn’t land, the simplicity of these tips makes feeling good and trying again feel possible. When your confidence is growing, it’s only a matter of time before you put yourself out there again.

I used to look at people, then look away. Now I treat it like an internal dare. When confidence isn’t natural, you can grow it with these tips.

20 Things to Do When You Want to Appear Confident

1. Hold eye contact for 3 seconds before looking away.

2. Stay abreast of some local news. It’s easier to make conversation this way. More so if it’s hard for you to use context from your location.

3. Glow up. Not in the superficial way. But find pieces of your identity to feel secure in yourself.

4. Set boundaries for your triggers.

5. Lead whenever you get the chance. It can be as minor as walking at a pace or on a path you prefer. You don’t have to follow the crowd of people around you.

6. Keep up your appearance. Skip a few food deliveries and eat at home to afford a trip to do your nail or to get a professional trim.

7. Be empathetic with yourself when you make mistakes.

8. Learn how to feel comfortable with your hands by your side. I cannot fold my arms when holding my phone. Thus, my body language stays open.

9. Avoid flaking on people twice. Give them and yourself the opportunity to share an experience. You can decide if you like it after.

10. Leave home with a full battery. Having one game or a note app can distract you when feelings of anxiety are highest.